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Michael Brown
Mr. Brown, a partner in Kutak Rock’s Kansas City office, has long been interested in shooting sports. He has held a Type 54 federal explosives license/permit for many years and is familiar with federal explosives law and regulations, and BATFE rulings.
Marsha Petrie Sue
Marsha has over 30 years’ experience serving as an executive and served as board member of Fortune 500 companies. Her background includes sales, marketing and public relations. As a former corporate executive, she has applied her extensive corporate background in the speaking industry and as an executive coach.
As the Executive Vice President of Westinghouse Financial Services/American Directory project, she worked on projects that helped companies succeed financially.  Her ability to train and facilitate employees and executive teams in reaching corporate goals helped corporations achieve maximum results.
Her positions have taken her to South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Mexico, Canada and every state in the U.S.A....
Marc Chamberlin
Marc Chamberlain began his career with the FBI in 1997 as a fingerprint examiner. He then began working in NICS as a NICS examiner in 1998. He has held many jobs during his NICS career, including program analyst, legal administrative specialist and liaison specialist....
Maj Toure
Maj Toure is a Solutionary Hip Hop artist and 2nd Amendment activist from North Philadelphia. His following began after he was featured on the cover of Philadelphia Weekly as “the Prophet of Philadelphia.” He founded the Black Guns Matter movement in 2015 and advocates for firearm education for urban communities....
Lt. Col. Allen West
The National Center for Policy Analysis welcomed Allen West as Executive Director and Vice Chairman.
West took the post because he believes it will be policy, not politics that secures a sound economic
future for Americans – with growth, opportunity and returning the promise of the American dream for
this generation and those to come.

National Center for Policy Analysis Executive Director Allen West was born and raised in Atlanta,
Georgia in the same neighborhood where Dr....
Julie Golob
Author Julie Golob is one of the most accomplished professional shooters in the world, with more than 120 championship titles in international, national and regional marksmanship competitions and across seven different shooting disciplines....
Jon Rydberg
Jon Rydberg has held senior executive positions in both consumer and industrial product industries and has worked for two of the largest global management consulting firms. He is currently the CEO of Orchid Advisors, a GunBroker partner company, and specializes in the transformation of outdoor sporting goods and firearms industry manufacturing, distribution and retail sectors....
Johnny Setello
Executive Protection Manager/ Procinctu Group, Inc.
Johnny Setello has been the Executive Protection Detail Program Manager at Procinctu Group, Inc. for the past 5 years. Johnny is also a Maritime Security Team Leader with the Trident Group and former ...
John O'Leary
In 1987, nine-year-old John O’Leary played with fire and gasoline, creating a massive explosion in his home that resulted in 100 percent of his body being burned. He was given a one percent chance to live.
O’Leary’s epic story of survival was first showcased in his parents’ book, Overwhelming Odds, released in 2006....
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