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Chamber-View LLC
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Chamber-View Universal Handgun ECI
The Chamber-View Universal Handgun ECI is designed to fit most handguns ranging from .22 caliber up to .45 caliber in ONE single unit. Made of 100 percent ultra durable, highly visual BLAZE or...
About the Company:
Chamber-View LLC is a developer and manufacturer of patented high visibility firearm ECI products headquartered in Nashua, NH. The Chamber-View® product line includes empty chamber indicators (ECIs) and barrel extensions for semi-auto/pump shotguns, rifles & pistols (non-holster), as well as ECI accessories. For 2017 SHOT SHOW New Products Section is our NEW Universal ECI Pull Tag which has been designed to fit revolvers, semi-auto pistols, AR and most bolt action rifles all in one single unit. The Chamber-View Universal also serves as a pull tag for functionality and high visual safety.
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