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Plinker Electronic Target Systems
Plinker Electronic Target Systems
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Dual Target Movers
Dual target movers are portable, pneumatic targets which are remotely controlled with a tablet computer. Plinker targets are light weight and may be used in shoot houses, indoor and outdoor ra...
About the Company:
Multi-target, wirelessly controlled target systems for LEO/DoD training, match competition and personal improvement. At SHOT Show 2017, Plinker Systems is introducing a new target system which gives a user/instructor the ability to place portable, dual-mover targets any place (indoors or out) in order to create scenario-based situations. Targets may be shot with live ammo, air-soft or even simunitions. Invented with adverse weather conditions in mind, the targets are built to IP66 specification, for use in rain, snow or hot locations. Place targets behind trees, doors or even automobiles.
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