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Florim's Blog:
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 11:53 AM
The FLORIMstone logo simply and concisely stands for the new creative horizons which ceramic slabs can now offer designers and furnishing experts.

ONE SIZE: 163x324 CM (64”x1273/8”)
3 THICKNESSES: 6 mm, 12 mm, 20 mm
ONE MATERIAL: porcelain 100% made in Italy

Florim’s porcelain is a material with high technical and aesthetic components. The porcelain is made by blending raw natural materials together, which, thanks also to the contemporary technologies of high- definition digital printing, can truthfully reproduce all kinds of surfaces and materials. The production process of the porcelain uses mechanical manufacturing techniques, and physical / chemical reactions – where Florim’s know-how is the essential piece of the complicated puzzle in producing the super high quality product.

The result of Florim’s ecofriendly porcelain production is an extremely dense and compact material which is not porous. The low porosity makes the material waterproof and long lasting. The Porcelain also frost-proof, stain, shock, flex, and abrasion resistant. Based on these unique qualities, this porcelain product is perfect for high-traffic, public, and industrial spaces – such as shopping malls, airports, and train stations. Florim uses a new technology that allows for the production of extremely large porcelain products that are feather light, perfect for large industrial, commercial, or residential spaces. Porcelain is particularly suitable for the special applications of; raised floors, ventilated and glued facades, spa and swimming pools, and outdoor spaces. Typically considered for residential interiors application, Florim’s porcelain is often also used to cover all kinds of surfaces; not only floors and walls but also countertops and furniture pieces.

The great characteristics of Florim’s porcelain combined with the wide range of structures, surfaces, and sizes; enables creative professionals to work freely with this material on almost any design project. This versatile and easy to work material is becoming more and more the protagonist of today’s contemporary architecture.

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