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Advanced West
Advanced West
Booth Number: 2329
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Address: 2130 S. Santa Fe Street
Santa Ana, CA 92705
About the Company:
ADVANCED WEST is a leading supplier of REBUILT equipment for Printed Circuit Fabrication and the Chemical Milling Industry. Equipment supplied includes: Drills, Routers, Developers, Cupric and Ferric Chloride Etchers, Photoprinters, Chemical Clean Lines, Scrubbers, Lamination Presses, Hot Roll Laminators and more. In addition, we now offer Brand New Replacement Parts for Chemcut Wet Process Lines, Replacement Glenbrook X-Ray Tubes, DuPont, Dynachem and Hakuto Roll Laminators. All at a SAVINGS of 40 to 60%! Advanced West also offers On-line AUCTION SERVICES in conjunction with AUCTION PODIUM.
Main Contact: Brian Solo
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